Week 5 Prompt Engineering Exercise

I’ll start by sharing my results here and then giving additional context below:

Amidst whispering pines and crisp mountain air, UNBC stands—a mosaic of resilience. Here, curiosity blooms like wildflowers, And the northern wind carries dreams.

In cozy corners, diverse voices converge, Threads of knowledge weaving connections. From boreal forests to star-studded nights, UNBC thrives—a compass for wanderers.

To the spirit of UNBC, where every step is an adventure. 🌲🌟

I started the process by asking Microsoft Copilot to generate me a poem about UNBC that focuses more specifically on the aspect of finding direction and enjoying the company of others. Initially, this resulted in what I thought was a ramble-y, pretentious poem that appealed too strongly to ‘classical’ poetry conventions; Things like saying ‘O’ a lot, or comparing everything to some type of flower or another. It also latched on very strongly to the direction of ‘friendship’ and ‘company,’ which in practice I found to read a bit dull and shallow. For my first revision I asked for it to focus slightly less on those things, and to be more subtle and short form. To make my instructions more clear, I essentially asked it to focus less on UNBC itself, but on subtly exploring the traits that make UNBC special in the first place. After one more better, though still drawn out response, I asked it one last time to revise it’s work with an even greater focus on staying poignant and brief, leading to my final result.

I am happy with the result, especially given how little effort it takes in the grand scheme of things to have something like this produced without me directly typing it, but it still is very notably not something I would write. For reasons which I’m guessing have to do with most of the relevant content online for this area being very nature focused, it seems difficult to separate the nature poetry aspect from the product, even when it is given a direction that has nothing to do with that sort of thing, and is told to be concise and direct in communicating the direction it has been given. I could see this possibly being improved by giving it examples of similar works to what I am looking for or writing a few samples out myself.


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