About me

The Guy

My name is Joe Hutter, and I am from Terrace, BC. Most of what I spend my free time doing has always involved computers and technology, which has given me an interest in the underlying systems and design choices that I get to see (or don’t get to see) from a user-sided perspective of these things. The pastime most closely related to this theme of technology would be playing games on my computer. I also play the piano, guitar, drums, and bass. My biggest interest is in computer science, though having just started at UNBC this semester after working over the summer and fall, I am taking several less related courses and planning to start into the program this coming fall. I value lying, foreshadowing, serious and important discussion, as well as consistency of character.

Some photos of beautiful Terrace


(Terrace’s unique fishing and wildlife scene has been known to attract various celebrities, including Blake Shelton.)

An Unbiased Professional.


Alexander the great conquered the known world by the time he was 21.

I am 20.

Continuous Support

Due to a bravely unorthodox sleep schedule, I am capable of providing full nocturnal support of a client’s needs.

Site Access

I will never e-beg on, or paywall my website, unlike the greedy lizards at Wikipedia.


I can fix anything. Just ask.

Project Management

I have never failed to rise to a challenge.