Week 3 Omeka Exercises

The living breathing nature of the internet and technology is impressive and very inspiring, but the shifting sands of that desert can demand that anyone who wants to partake in it pays it ongoing attention and care. This is a fancy way of complaining about account verification and updates causing me a lengthy headache that I should have prevented far earlier in the process.

For my two mp3 files, I chose to test out exporting from a music DAW using mp3 format, and made two quick ideas to do this with.

Songs · Archive Center (leaderofalldigitalhumanities.com)

For my two mp4 files, I chose to post a video of a dog that I found in someone’s house, and a video of my brother practicing facial expressions.

Videos · Archive Center (leaderofalldigitalhumanities.com)

For my one png file, I chose to finally upload a picture of my face, since I realized that I may be one of the only ones who hasn’t done so yet and I am afraid of deviating from the norm.

Image · Archive Center (leaderofalldigitalhumanities.com)

I expect that the metadata for these items makes clear the intended and primary purpose of the items, which is to be seen and marked as my work and submissions for Week 3 of English 201. This is the reason that chose to specify the number of files present in each ‘item’ as well as the week that they are being posted for.


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